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On public transport


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the japanese bus.

this was quite the experience for me as a finnish person. almost every single thing is done differently than in my home country.

first of all, people get on the bus through the back door and get a small ticket from a machine next to the door. the ticket has a number on it and it represents the bus stop you get on the bus from.

there’s a board in the front of the bus with bus stop numbers on it and next to each number is the price you have to pay. the number grows as the bus goes on to the next and next bus stop.

when you want to get off you push the kawaii button with the cat busdriver and the bus will stop at the next bus stop. when you leave, you drop the ticket and the right amount of money to a little box with a conveyor belt in it. if you don’t have the right change, there’s a little coin machine next to the bus driver.

arigatou gozaimasu, and get off the bus from the front door. simple.


a small scale of the Kuma chariot

gifs made from/credit:  ClickandDead

I need, i want *-*


Christmas roll cakes!

Made these last year but forgot to post pictures, blog post here~

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